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Samples FAQ

You can contact the office and/or submit your request with your Senbesta Sales Representative. 

Yes, please contact your Senbesta Sales Representative for pricing.

Senbesta Samples Binders, Swatch Cards, Swatch Decks, and 8×11” Fabric Swatches are available for purchase. 

Yardage for Sampling and Testing: Cut Yardage Fees apply and orders of 5 patterns or more require a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice.

Fabrics FAQ

Cosmo, Darksource, Essentials, Gold Chic, Gold Royal, Hillcrest, Ice, Ice Board, Malibu, Meridian, Milan, Seada, SenScreen, Woodland

Senbesta customers can submit requests for FR Certificates with their sales representative.

Yes, warranties are noted below:

  • 2 years: 3PES, Aria, Gold Chic, Gold Royal, Hillcrest, Ice, Ice Board, Marula, Peninsula, Seada, Westin
  • 3 years: Cosmo, Malibu
  • 5 years: Darksource, Essentials, Meridian, Palm Beach BO, Palm Beach LF, SenScreen, Woodland 

3PES, Aria, Cosmo, Essentials, Gold Chic, Gold Royal, Hillcrest, Ice, Ice Board, Malibu, Marula, Meridian, Milan, Palm Beach BO, Palm Beach LF, Peninsula, Seada, Westin, Woodland

1% Senscreen, 3% Senscreen, 5% Senscreen

We do not encourage railroading fabrics, we suggest purchasing material that meets shade width requirement. We do not recommend railroading blackout and zebra fabrics. Light-filtering, translucent, sheer, and screen fabrics are subject to testing.

Components FAQ

Stainless Steel and Nickel Plated chain is sold by the box, each box includes four (4) 500ft rolls (A total of 2000ft). Plastic chain is sold by the roll, each roll is 250M (820ft). There is an opened box fee of $5 if you cannot purchase the full carton.

Yes, we can send a free sample piece of the chain to test. Please include your shipping account information with the request.

Stainless Steel: 90lbs

Nickel Plated: 45lbs

All chain is available in 50-51; Stainless Steel is also available in 48-49.

Ultratab FAQ

With a history of over 30 years experience, Ultratab is a leading supplier worldwide of ultrasonic/crush cutting machines, impulse welders, and several other fundamental tools for high performance fabrication systems. While emphasizing safety, Ultratab presents complete solutions for efficient production and also provides domestic and global technical support. Ultratab continues to expand their lines of equipment to integrate state of the art technology and design for greater control and optimal performance. All Ultratab equipment include key safety features and automation options. Ultratab has worked side-by-side with manufacturers in the industry to develop their equipment with a strong understanding of the essential needs for fabricators. The entire Ultratab team is here to provide the best solution for your business and is committed to excellent after-sale service with Senbesta as their partner.

It’s important to identify your manufacturing needs when shopping for new equipment. The type of fabric, shade width, manufacturing turnaround speed, shade features (pocket, zipper, spline) and your budget should all be taken into consideration. This is a long-term investment, we advise you to speak with our sales team to learn more about the Ultratab equipment that will best suit those needs:

To help extend the life of your equipment, Senbesta offers blade-sharpening services. Simply send us your dull blades and for a small fee, we will sharpen them for you.

Yes, please contact your sales representation for more information.

Our standard payment terms are 50% deposit and 50% due at the time of shipment. If additional financing is required, we can refer you to our financing partner who has supported our customers financing needs.

Yes, one to two days of set-up and initial operator training is included with all Ultratab equipment purchases. Training will be performed by Senbesta technician onsite at the customer’s facility. All travel expenses will be covered by customer for technician from California.

Replacement parts can be ordered through Senbesta, we stock parts for routine maintenance and additional parts are available with a given lead-time from the factory.

Yes, there is a 1-year Manufacturer Warranty. Within the first 12 months you receive the machine, we will repair and replace any manufacturing defect without charge for parts or labor.

Shipping/Delivery FAQ

Senbesta has two distribution locations:
– Monrovia, CA – All fabrics, hardware, Ultratab parts/equipment
– Dallas, TX –  Senscreen only

Request must be made within 90 days of delivery. All returns are subject to 10% restocking fee.
Cut yardage orders are not eligible for returns once the fabric is cut.

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XPO Logistics

Yes, please indicate your preferred shipping method on your PO. If one is not noted, we will use what we have on file or Senbesta’s shipping account, and the shipping cost will be added to your final invoice.