Sustainability Commitment

This sustainability commitment sets forth the efforts and steps that Senbesta is taking to achieve our global sustainability goals. We understand the impact our business has on environmental and sustainability issues globally and we will strive to play a positive role in helping to reduce the emission of Carbon Monoxide, respect our employees, suppliers, and shareholders, and prioritize the health and safety of our members and the community.


Senbesta believes that less is more when it comes to sustainability. By focusing on blackout roller shades as our primary product, we offer energy-efficient window products to reduce the use of high-energy products such as air conditioners, heaters, and lights. As a distributor of these products, we are very mindful of how the costs and methods of transportation can affect the environment.
We encourage and recommend customers to ship more quantities in fewer shipments. We often choose to ship by sea than air. Senbesta continually evaluates its processes to improve shipping and distributing efficiencies. These include reusing packaging materials for our cut yardage program and also reducing the weight of each truckload by removing unnecessary weight from the package.


Senbesta is part of the Chamber of Commerce in the city of Monrovia and participates in charitable events. We are also an annual participant in the International Window Coverings Expo.


Senbesta believes in the importance of keeping our members, employees, and suppliers informed. We provide a company policy manual to each member and employee. We file our taxes annually with the Internal Revenue Services, report to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, and also pay our dues to the Franchise Tax Board.
We have registered our business with the City of Monrovia and pay our dues annually.